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With septic plague, the patient does not develop buboes and pulmonary phenomena. From the very beginning of the disease, he has general nervous disorders, which, without treatment, in 100% of cases end in death. With timely treatment with streptomycin, septicemic plague is highly curable.

To diagnose bubonic plague, tetracycline are taken from an inflamed lymph node using itsfunctions.

1 ml of saline is injected into it, and after 5 minutes its contents are sucked into the syringe. Next, the sowing of bubo juice on a nutrient medium (blood agar) and bacteriological examination is performed. The patient is necessarily assigned to perform sowing of his stool. Further, in the laboratory, a pure culture of the pathogen is isolated and carefully studied.

All patients with bubonic plague are subject to mandatory hospitalization in specialized departments of infectious diseases hospitals.

Linen, clothes, food leftovers, utensils, care items and excretions of the patient are subjected to special treatment and disinfection. During the treatment and care of patients, the staff of the department uses anti-plague suits. The main treatment for bubonic plague is antibiotic therapy. These drugs are administered intramuscularly and inside the buboes. For this, tetracycline or streptomycin is used.

The patient's recovery is confirmed by three negative results of bacteriological cultures.

In addition to antibacterial drugs, the patient is prescribed symptomatic therapy, which is aimed at alleviating his condition and treating the complications of bubonic plague. After that, the patient is in the hospital under the supervision of doctors for another month, and only after that he is discharged. Recovered patients are necessarily registered with an infectious diseases doctor for another 3 months.

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Lamisil cream 5 dangerous drugs in the medicine cabinet 5 bad habits that cause back pain. The carrier of the bacteria are fleas that live on the skin of sumycin.

A form of clothing consisting of a long black cloak, leather trousers, and a mask with a beak was considered popular and effective.

After the start of the pandemic, doctors of that time began to come up with a variety of protective equipment to ensure personal safety.

In an enclosed space, harmful bacteria spread faster.

Rats were the usual inhabitants of every dwelling, because the fight against them was unsuccessful.

  • For 3 centuries, the plague killed millions of people, destroyed entire cities. Only after many years, scientists have identified the causes of the development of the plague epidemic and ways to treat it. The source of tetracycline pills is carried by rats, and the population, trying to escape from the scourge, closed themselves in their homes. Such actions only aggravated the situation, because the life of that timewas not equipped with the necessary sanitary and hygienic facilities.

  • Near the lymph nodes and places where the infection has got, local foci of inflammation are formed. It looks like seals that can reach the size of a lemon, then abscesses are possible, transforming them into soft bumps. When opened, there is an unpleasant odor. Such sources of inflammation are called buboes. Hence the name of this type of plague.

A person is susceptible to fleas where a large number of animals are affected. This is mainly rural areas, buildings where rats, mice, ground squirrels, chipmunks are looking for food and shelter. The plague bacterium is transmitted by physical contact, then enters the lymphatic system.

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